Leaky Gut

Seventy percent of your dog's immune system is housed in their gastrointestinal tract, therefore, keeping it healthy is essential to your pet's well-being. Leaky gut is difficult to diagnose because it involves trauma to the mucosa of the gastrointestinal tract. Unlike an external injury, leaky gut is best diagnosed through its symptoms which include Allergies … Continue reading Leaky Gut

Treating Your Pet’s Seasonal Allergies

What are Seasonal Allergies?  Today we are going to discuss seasonal allergies in your dog or cat. First, let's clear up something up–what is the difference between seasonal and environmental allergies? Environmental allergies refer to the fact that dogs can react negatively to anything in their environment including pollens, grasses, laundry detergent, floor cleaners, fertilizers, etc. … Continue reading Treating Your Pet’s Seasonal Allergies

5 Questions to Ask Your Raw Food Supplier

Raw food can be an incredible and healthful way to feed your pooch. Unfortunately, it can also be dangerously deficient in crucial nutrients including organs, vitamins, and minerals. This article will hopefully clear up any confusion you might have about what you are feeding your dog or guide you in the right direction to find … Continue reading 5 Questions to Ask Your Raw Food Supplier