Detect Early Kidney Disease: Kidney Chek Interview

Below is the transcription for the interview with Dr Hillary Sweet from Kidney Chek. You can listen to the full podcast episode here. ________________ Amanda: Hey, guys, welcome back to another episode. This week, I am interviewing Dr. Hillary Sweet, who is one of the founders of a really cool new company called Kidney Chek, they … Continue reading Detect Early Kidney Disease: Kidney Chek Interview

Food Allergies & Your Pet

Food sensitivities are commonly mislabelled "allergies, " but allergies and sensitivities actually elicit very different responses from the immune system.  Food allergies are "quite rare" according to Dr. Jean Dodds, and a true food allergy will "reflect a more immediate immunological response" (source). Anaphylaxis is often the result of an allergic response. An allergen (e.g., bee … Continue reading Food Allergies & Your Pet