Why You Should Rotate Your Pet’s Food

There is a long standing myth that you should pick one type of food & then never switch. I don't know where this got started, but I suspect someone in a marketing department of a pet food brand may be to blame. Regardless of where it came from, this is a very widespread belief held by pet owners. While I understand having brand loyalty, in my opinion, it's best to find several brands & types of food that you trust to rotate between them.

Dilated Cardiomyopathy: What’s Going On

This is a transcript of podcast episode 1, season 2. Listen HERE. Update (April 2022) Renowned board-certified companion animal nutritionist Ryan Yamka wrote an article about the 2020 update from the FDA. I highly recommend checking it out. In essence, he concludes that there were many flaws with the initial FDA reports & that we still … Continue reading Dilated Cardiomyopathy: What’s Going On

Rehoming Your Pet Safely & How to Adopt Wisely with Angela Marcus

I had the chance to interview Angela Marcus former Director of Operations for the Pennsylvania SPCA and co-founder of the website GetYourPet.com on the podcast this week. We'll be talking about how to find a furry friend who will be the right fit for your family, how to rehome a pet safely, and much more. … Continue reading Rehoming Your Pet Safely & How to Adopt Wisely with Angela Marcus

Is Your Dog Missing This Essential Trace Mineral?

Zinc is an important essential mineral that plays a role in cell division, cell growth, wound healing, it stimulates enzymes in the body, and is crucial for a healthy immune system (1). In fact studies in humans have shown that "zinc supplementation decreased oxidative stress markers and generation of inflammatory cytokines" (2). While zinc deficiencies are more commonly seen in northern breeds like huskies or malamutes (as they have a genetic predisposition to poor zinc absorption), Kristin posits that they are a "silent killer" for dogs of all breeds, ages, and backgrounds.