5 Great Products on AMAZON| For Raw Feeders

As a raw feeder, I often think that I need to purchase all my feeding supplies from niche, boutique pet stores. While I love supporting these types of stores (in fact I own one), online shopping offers a convenient way to access feeding supplies without having to leave your house.

Here are 5 of my favourite Amazon products.

1. Healthy Treats

While there are definitely some sub par treats available on Amazon, there are a few healthy gems as well. When buying treats for my dogs & cats I tend to look for single ingredient, freeze dried meat proteins. I avoid treats with any carbs, starches, fillers, or preservatives.

JD Farms Freeze Dried Turkey Breast is something I sell in my retail store and my dogs and cats all love. They are a Canadian company and raise antibiotic free turkeys and chickens certified to the five step animal welfare eating standards.

JD Farms

2. Supplement Molds

I love making smoothie & supplement cubes to add in to my raw food meals. They allow me to make a large batch and then store convenient portions away for later use. These molds are food grade silicone and I have used them for both freezing and baking supplement treats with great results.

3. Food Storage Container

To safely thaw your frozen food it is advised that you place it in the refrigerator 24 hours prior to serving. Plastic containers can off-gas chemicals, be difficult to properly sanitize, and have a tendency to crack when frozen repeatedly. I really like these glass pyrex dishes with lids for thawing.


4. Interactive Feeder

If you have an active dog, or even just want to help keep mealtime interesting, I highly recommend feeding your dog in some sort of interactive way. This can mean they have to solve a puzzle to get their food, or even that you just make it a little more challenging then wolfing food out of a bowl. Personally, I keep a stock of these interactive feeders stuffed full of raw food in my freezer as a distraction for my active and overly friendly husky cross when guests come over.



5. Natural Disinfectant

Clean up is an important part of the raw feeding process. I like to look for cleaning products that are natural but effective. This cleaner has quickly become a favourite of mine because it is an effective disinfectant, killing 99.9% of household germs but is made without the toxic chemicals many cleaners rely on.



Woofs & Wags,

The Holistic Pet Radio Pack

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