Is There Enough Meat In Your Kibble? 

If your kibble contains an ingredient called DL-Methionine, it may not have enough meat in it to sustain your pet. 

Methionine is a naturally occurring essential amino acid found in meat and fish products. It serves as a precursor to many amino acids, such as cysteine which is eventually converted to taurine. 

So why do many kibbles need synthetic methionine (aka DL-Methionine) added in?? Because they actually have low meat/ fish contents despite advertising claims . Rather than using quality carnivore appropriate ingredients many companies are relying on corn, soy, wheat and other inappropriate food sources to make up the majority of their foods. A food may contain meat ingredients, but the presence of DL-Methionine is a good indication that the food is not of the best quality. .

If you choose feed a kibble based food, look for one that does not use DL-Methionine to make up for the fact that they are using minimal amounts of real meat protein. .

Some “higher quality” foods that contain DL-Methionine include Blue Buffalo, Natural Balance, Performatrin, Petcurean (Go & Now), etc..

For more info on DL-Methionine check out Susan Thixton’s awesome article

Woofs & Wags, 

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